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Welcome to Alberta Adventures! We have been hosting hunters for nearly 40 years, with many of those clients returning for multiple years! If you are looking for a remote location to harvest a large Canadian moose, bear, or wolf, look no further - our over 3 million property borders BC and NWT.

Moose Hunting - late September to early October
Our Moose hunts take place in Northern Alberta, during the rut. Tapawingo Lodge is located on Bistcho Lake, AB. With this location being 12 miles from the Northwest Territories and 20 miles from British Columbia border, they are still classified as Canadian Moose. Our camp is a fly in only area with our closest neighbors being approximately 70 miles away. We are still able to provide you all the pleasures of a civilized world, only more rustic. On the premises we have individual cabins for your group, hot showers, washing machine, generator that supplies lights to all cabins, WiFi etc. You will enjoy home cooked meals in a common meeting place.

Your hunt will consist of many different adventures, depending upon your wants and capability. We hunt the lake by boat, land by argo’s (track vehicles), sherps and spike camps.

After your game is successfully harvested, we strongly believe in a high quality of meat handling. Your guides are completely competent with this. With your help, your meat will be cut and wrapped at the lodge, frozen and ready for your departure.

Bear Hunts - May
You can expect to see anywhere from 1 to 10 bears a night and up towards 40 bears during the week. Also offered with every hunt is a wolf/coyote tag. For the past several years our bears have averaged 6’9”. In 2017, 31% of our bears measured over 7 feet and 81% measured over 6 and a half feet. There’s no stretching and pulling, just simple measuring from our guides. We explain in detail how to judge the bears and either ourselves or our guides will sit with you if desired.

There’s a full 6 days of hunting included. Camp is located about an hour and a half northwest of High Level, Alberta. It’s accessible either by flying into Edmonton and driving or catching a small flight and having us pick you up. All accommodations, GST, food etc. is included.

There is never a dull moment with Big Bear Country. We encourage hunters to bring pepper spray as our bears are not pressured by humans and therefore are often curious about who you are and why you are there. We offer bears like nowhere else and memories to last a lifetime.

Whitetail Deer - November
Whitetail deer hunting when the monarchs of the north are in full rut. The area is unique as we are located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains with a mixture of both crop land and thick wooded areas with multiple creeks and rivers running through the hunting area.

Hunters can expect to spend much of their time in comfortable tree stands, blinds, and box blinds and can expect to hunt multiple different stand locations over the course of the hunt. The Red Deer River drainage offers vast spot and stalk opportunities as well. Whitetail deer in this area have large bodies and heavy dark horns. Deer Hunts are 2:1 hunter to guide ratio unless otherwise arranged with the outfitter prior to the hunt.

Included in the hunt: Transportation to and from Calgary International Airport, all meals, lodging, trophy care, taxes, no draw needed

Not included: Optional Coyote/wolf tag, license and tag (approximately $250 CDN)

Mule Deer - September
Trophy Horn Outfitters runs Archery Mule Deer hunts east of our residence. We make ourselves at home in a local guest house. Hunting in the Central/Eastern part of Alberta gives us the opportunity to offer you some of the finest bucks available. The deer help themselves to fields of canola, wheat, and barley, which pushes the bucks to grow to their full potential. With few predators and locals on draw, the population thrives.

Hunts are archery spot and stalk, enabling hunters to battle patience and adrenaline and ending in an unforgettable experience. Most bucks still have their velvet when harvested.

Overall Outfitting mule deer hunts are located in the same area. In November these large bodied bucks are in full rut and spend much of their day traveling to and from the nearest hot doe. You can expect to spend much of your day glassing river bottoms and fields seeing multiple bucks in a day. Sometimes we use ATVs to access remote areas where giant Alberta Mulies like to hide.

Due to the fact we often run into big whitetail while hunting mule deer, we only offer mule deer hunting as a combo hunt so you will have tags for both species. We killed a magnificent 30" wide 198" buck just a few year ago!

Included in the hunt: Transportation to and from Calgary International Airport, all meals, lodging, trophy care, taxes, no draw needed

Not included: Optional Coyote/wolf tag, license and tag (approximately $450 CDN for both tags)

Wolf Hunts - September through March
Alberta Overall Outfitting can offer an amazing wolf hunting experience. Situated in the very Northwest part of Alberta we hunt a very vast land mass. These scavengers have never seen man. We have a lodge situated on Bistcho Lake, AB., with comfortable all-season cabins, this allows for a unique remote hunt.

We hunt from stands, blinds, ATV’S, Skidoo’s etc. Whatever it takes. This hunt is mainly over baits, but don’t rule out spot and stock.

The best time is in March. The days are longer and the weather is starting to warm up. You can still expect below freezing both day and night, but the daytime sun helps a lot.

Big Bear Outfitters also includes wolves with their bear hunts in May through early June.

Trophy Horn Outfitters includes wolves with mountain lion hunts in December through January. Clothing for this hunt should include good mitts, boots, and head gear. Layering core clothing also helps immensely.

Hunting these predators helps to maintain a healthy wildlife population in the area.

During your trip you will also experience plenty of ice fishing. It’s a great way to spend your time while waiting for the wolves.

Mountain Lion - December - January
We hunt just west and south of our home. We love harvesting the cats that feast on our local game. All hunts are done alongside our hounds, which we respect and admire immensely. This is a unique and exhilarating hunt that needs to be experienced, to be appreciated.

Fishing - spring - winter
Fishing with Alberta Adventures at Tapawingo Lodge is some of the best fishing you will ever encounter. We’re the 3rd largest trophy lake in Alberta, and we’re only reachable by plane in the spring.

Along with Walleye and Northern Pike, you will also find Whitefish, Burbot, and Arctic Grayling in Bistcho Lake.

Include: 16’ boats with wide aluminum hulls and 15 hp motors & all fuel, safety jackets, landing nets, and paddles. Ice fishing shacks available upon request.

Tapawingo Lodge offers:
A small store for forgotten items
Picnic tables throughout the area
Screened in Gazebo reception area that’s great for card games

Our rustic cabins come with:
Wood stove for heat
4 burner propane cook stove with oven
Small fridge
Propane BBQ’s on each deck

Tapawingo Lodge is the perfect place for family bonding/reunions, corporate outings, fellowship, and experiencing the quiet wonder of nature in any season. We also offer tours in the off-season for photography, birding & northern lights.

Please give us a call to set up your Alberta hunt or fill out our contact form.

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Alberta Adventures

Sundre, Alberta, Canada

Alberta Adventures
Sundre, Alberta, Canada
Sundre, Alberta

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Cancellation Policy

All hunts require a 50% deposit. This is not refundable, but may be transferred to another year or another party if done prior to Mar. 1 of said year.

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Other Policies

Balance must be paid 45 days before the dispatch of hunt. Moose rut hunt, if you wish to leave early there will be a $1,000 extra plane fee, unless there is an open return flight.

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